How To Avoid Losing Muscle Mass?

What is the most common reaction when people go on a diet to lose weight?

They eat less, depriving their body of good essential nutrients. What happens next? The body receives less nutrition and less nutrients and as a result they start losing their muscular mass. In other words muscles become the source of nutritional reserves for their body. When people stop their dieting they go back to eating as before but they have less muscle mass which is precisely what they need to help burn calories.


Why is the Herbalife programme different?

This programme is different because it actually feeds the body correctly, it does not starve it. The reason most people become overweight is due to nutritional deficiencies. When you don’t feed the body correctly it craves more food than it actually needs; it craves sugar and fat. People often give up on diets or “cheat” because they can’t stand the hunger pangs. It becomes too hard.

Why step up your Strength Training as you age?

“By your mid-30s, most people still look young, but are already experiencing the BIG Three of aging: deteriorating lean muscle mass, worsening posture, and crumbling joints” say Robert Forster, Physical Therapist and PT.

Many people say that, as they age, they eat and exercise the same amount but still gain weight. One of the main causes of this is loss of muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. Strength training preserves and even increases muscle mass, keeping metabolism at a high level. Hit a weight plateau? Step up your strength training, that is 3 times a weeks with the 24Fit Workout. Thats a 30 minute workout easy to fit into your busy day. It builds muscle & increases your metabolic rate. Thats 24 weeks, 3 phases of 8 weeks, teaching your body through the phases on how to burn fat instead of carbs. The 24 Fit program was developed by Robert Forster who has spent 30 years, teaching athletes and weight management clients how to burn fat as a fuel supply.


Strength Training 3 Times A Week

Fitness girl training at beach elastics bandsTravelling? Resistance bands are light and portable so you can take anywhere. The bands allow you to get into the routine of strength training three times a week.

Strength training is the secret weapon you need if you want to break the plateau and lose the pounds. Adding resistance builds muscle and helps you burn more calories during (and after!) your workout, notes Tom Holland, author of Beat the Gym and lead instructor on the 24Fit Workout.

In fact, researchers found that women who did strength training increased their resting metabolic rate (the calories your body needs to get through the day) for as long as 16 hours post-exercise.

So step up your strength training and aim for at least 15 grams of protein at very meal. And don’t skip your protein shake after you exercise and think that you’ll save calories! A protein shake after training accelerates lean muscle growth, which in turn revs your metabolism and burns more fat, and speeds up recovery.



More about Tom Holland

Tom’s focus is always about making exercise accessible to his clients. Tom Holland helps clients make the small changes needed to reach those goals. Tom has been passionate about health and fitness his whole life, and he earned a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Sports Psychology after studying communications in college. It’s that passion for fitness that led Tom to gain his certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Society of Sports Nutrition; to write five health books.

Dead Bug – Abs Exercise

Robert Forster, who works with many Olympic athletes, swears by this abs exercise. “It looks simple but it’s quite taxing, and most importantly, it’s safe for everyone! It works for my student athletes as young as nine or 10 years old, my elderly patients with osteoporosis, as well as my Olympic gold medalists,” he says.

Photo from Phase 2 of the 24 Fit Workout which shows  3 levels of difficulty beginner, intermediate and advanced. In Phase 1, the Dead Bug is completed without the dumbbells. In Phase 2 Dumbbells and ankle weights are used in intermediate and advanced levels.

deadbug-phase-2-485Grab and pair of dumbbells (start lighter and gradually increase your weight when you feel ready) and lie faceup with your knees bent at 90 degrees, feet touching the floor. Brace your abs in tight to your back as you lift your right leg up (still bent at 90 degrees) above your hip and reach your left arm overhead, palm facing in (your right arm is extended down by your side, just above the floor, palm facing in). Quickly switch your arms and legs, raising your right arm overhead and lowering your left down by your side, and lowering your right foot to the floor and lifting your left leg. That’s one rep. Exhale every time you switch sides, keeping your abs braced in tight the entire time.

The dead bug exercise works, the hips, abdominal muscles and arms. Works the core in a diagonal line, works the transverse abdominal muscles.

24 Fit – The Smarter Way To Workout.

If you train too long, or too often, will you burn out and overtrain?

Question: The longer or more often you train, the better results you will get.

24-fit-periodization-training-over-training-485Truth: If you train too long, or too often, you will burn out and will overtrain. It’s about quality not quantity of training.

The 24 Fit DVDs are based on the science of periodization training.

This approach solves the training puzzle of balancing hard work and smart recovery, allowing fitness adaptations and a “hardened” body able to sustain all the hard work and recovery, peaking your metabolic fitness.

Benefits of Periodization Training

Exploits the body’s powerful hormone response to the stress of new exercise stimulus.
Avoids mental and physical burnout and over-training by constantly varying workout stimulus, and providing rest periods for recovery.
Protects the body from injury as it brings fitness to a peak.