Strength Training For Busy People

Why step up your Strength Training as you age?

“By your mid-30s, most people still look young, but are already experiencing the BIG Three of aging: deteriorating lean muscle mass, worsening posture, and crumbling joints” say Robert Forster, Physical Therapist and PT.

Many people say that, as they age, they eat and exercise the same amount but still gain weight. One of the main causes of this is loss of muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. Strength training preserves and even increases muscle mass, keeping metabolism at a high level.

Everyone, no matter how young or old, should be doing some kind of regular strength training. This could be at the gym, or at home using very little equipment. Resistance bands small hand weights, and even your own body weight can be used as resistance with a strength training program.

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Strength Training For Busy People

Step up your strength training, that is 3 times a weeks with the Herbalife 24Fit Workout DVDs using resistance bands, ankle weights and dumbbells. That’s a 30 minute workout easy to fit into your busy day and to build good habits. It builds lean muscle & increases your metabolic rate. Pay attention to proper form and technique, as they are very important for injury prevention and producing results. Using the 24 Fit DVDs is like having your own personal trainer at home.

To help preserve muscle mass, aim for at least 15 grams of protein at every meal, the amount of protein is personalised to the individual. Someone who is 5ft 10″ requires more protein than someone 5 ft. 2″, for example. And a Herbalife  shake after training accelerates lean muscle growth, which in turn revs your metabolism and burns more fat, and speeds up recovery. Eating soon after your workout not only speeds the recovery process, it also can prevent you from feeling deeply ravenous and overeating later on.

And use the 24 Fit Workout to work on the helper muscles around the joints, improve your flexibility and posture.


Beneficial Morning Rituals Improve Productivity

Watch this video to learn beneficial morning rituals that can prepare your mind and body for everything you have planned for that day.

Some great tips here from Brian Tracy on how to get into some good habits. Plan what you are going to do the night before by making a list, exercise, take a healthy breakfast, which keeps the blood in the brain and read something inspiring.

In practical terms: go to bed in your workout gear, take a sip of your shake before your 24fitworkout, a 30 minute workout, the rest of the shake afterwards….then some reading…or listen to a tape on the way to work.

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Getting Fit Does Not Have to be Painful

“Every week we meet new patients at Forster Physical Therapy who have been injured by unscientific fitness programs. High intensity workouts are the rage now and far too many people are getting injured following the “No Pain, No Gain” mantra right into the Physical Therapist clinic. Programs like P90x, Crossfit, and Soul Cycle have people believing that to get fit means to suffer. I can tell you that even our professional and Olympic athletes don’t train as hard as these programs have out-of-shape homemakers and businessmen training, and neither do they get you looking your best or performing at your fittest”

“The secret is called periodization training, and it works for everyone, at any age”
Robert Forster, Physical Therapist and Performance Specialist

Robert Forster developed the Herbalife 24FIT Workout program with Herbalife. He is one of the leading physical therapists for athletes, both recreational and elite. Over the course of his 30-year career, he has successfully trained Olympic gold medalists, U.S. Open and Wimbledon champions, NBA superstars and triathlon world-record holders. Tired of encountering ill-advised training programs that only cause more injury, Robert created a new approach to physical therapy, which is divided into phases that follow the body’s natural healing and growth patterns.