Physical Therapist to Gold Medalists

Dr. Bruce Hensel interviews Physical Therapist Robert Forster about training and rehabilitating Olympic stars Kim Rhode and Allyson Felix. This video was shot before they both won gold in London.

Robert Forster, CEO & Founder of Phase IV and Forster Physical Therapy has teamed with Herbalife to create a fitness program called Herbalife 24Fit

Tired of encountering ill-advised training programs that only cause more injury, Robert created a new approach to physical therapy, which is divided into phases that follow the body’s natural healing and growth patterns. His experience working with  athletes, both recreational and elite is now available on a set of 13 DVDs.

Samantha Clayton Fitness Instructor

Herbalife 24 Fit Workouts

Samantha Clayton is the lead instructor in the new Herbalife 24Fit DVD Series. Samantha Clayton is an Olympic athlete, fitness instructor,
spokesmodel and mother of four. She is a certified personal trainer and uses her experience to help others reach their fitness goals.

Samantha’s life achievements and experiences stem from competing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics as a sprinter, to training other athletes and celebrities, and finally getting her own body back to peak condition after having triplets (and gaining 72 pounds in the process!).

What makes Herbalife 24 Fit the best work out DVD?

  • gradually increases in intensity so you dont workour harder you workout smarter.
  • addresses common vulnerabilities of the human body regardless of age or previous activity level.
  • trains your body to burn fat instead of carbs.