24Fit Coaching


Many people we meet are intimidated by the concept of exercise and justifiably leery of gyms and unqualified fitness programs. Still, others are exercising regularly but not getting results, or worse they are chronically injured from ill-advised workouts and unscientific dietary advice.

What are the options?

Gym/ Fitness/ Dance Class – “That’s your 60 mins session over with, see you next week ” Is your gym and health club tracking your progress every week, your metabolic age, body fat%, muscle mass? If not, why not? Are they not results orientated? Or do you have to employ a PT to get that monitoring which only takes a few mins once a week?

Slimming Club – “Now if you save your calories Monday to Friday, you can have a blow-out at the weekend” Tracking weight only? What about tracking what’s muscle and what’s fat?

Nutritionist – “From tomorrow i want you to switch immediately to 3 healthy balanced meals a day, here’s some meal plans. Come and see me next week, ill give you exacty the same advice for the same fee” If it were that easy…

So for most people, joining a gym, going to Weight Watchers, or cutting down on sugar/beer/puddings alone, is usually never enough! What you need is the complete package! Here it is!

24Fit Coaching is an integrated and structured approach which covers:

  1. Structured, balanced nutrition programme personalised to the individual.
  2. An exercise programme – (strength training, cardio, flexibility).
  3. Regular Body Composition Testing – Track your progress to stay motivated; don’t rely on the bathroom scales.
  4. Set yourself a goal, with different challenges with prizes to help you stay motivated. e.g Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge, 24 Fit Challenge and 5 weeks to 5k.
  5. Education, wellness profile, advice and support.

For more information and advice please contact us using the form below, let us know the result wanted: fitness, weight loss, fat loss, toning, energy/vitality, weight gain, flexibility, joint stability, better performance at sports e.g ball sports, endurance etc

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