Workout Schedule

The workout schedule,  included in the Herbalife24Fit DVD Box Set, explains when to do specific workouts within each phase, when to take a rest day or rest week and when to move on to the next phase. Use the workout schedule to mark down your progress over the duration of the program.

Herbalife24FIT is designed to be completed in order. Regardless of your current and/or past athletic experience, it’s important that you establish stability and flexibility before your build strength and power. We recommend that you follow the program sequentially to reduce the risk of injury and achieve the best results.

Note: Altering the schedule can minimize results. However, if you do need to make adjustments during rest weeks, just make sure that you participate in at least one structural workout and one metabolic workout each week and that you never do two structural workouts or two metabolic workouts in a row.

Each workout will take about 30 minutes. Every sixth and seventh day in the schedule, you will be given one day to rest and one day to  participate in a recreational activity of your choice.

In addition to rest days each week, every fourth week, you will also get to enjoy a modified, more relaxed schedule. The body gets stronger while resting. That’s why we’ve built a rest day into each week and a rest week into each month. Even the most highly trained athletes in the world take days off. So rest, your body needs it!

You will need the following items to complete your workout: Towel, Water, Resistance bands, Light dumbbells , Ankle weights(Advanced Athletes Only – Higher level of difficulty) If you do not already own these items, they can be purchased at a sporting goods store.

Resistance bands are strips of rubber used to perform strengthening exercises for your muscles. They come in all different lengths and strengths, based on the effort required to stretch them. Resistance bands are an essential tool for many of the exercises within the Herbalife24FIT program.