Too much time sitting in the office or travelling, shortens the connective tissues that link your muscles to your bones, leaving the body tense and stiff. Fortunately, stretching can loosen you back up by lengthening the muscles and connective tissues, says Robert Forster, physical therapist and founder of Phase IV Health and Performance Center in Santa Monica, CA. “Stretching is something to do every day,” he says. It helps you relax, maintain posture and joint health, and prepare for better workouts—and after a long day  in the office or traveling, it can help you work out the kinks.

Incorporating flexibility training in your fitness program will help avoid injury, improve recovery, eliminate knots and improve postural alignment creating a healthy body that is resilient to injury & primed for great performances. 

Stretching Is A Key Component In Keeping Your Joints and Muscles Healthy, Strong and Resilient To Injury

The need for increased flexibility is vital for the young and the aging. During the adolescent growth spurt when the bones grow faster than the connective tissue elements of the body can adapt, the resulting tightness leads to decreased coordination, agility and performance and often results in injury and various growth related conditions.

During exercise our muscles shorten and the connective tissue must be stretched to maintain full range of motion and good posture.

As we age, connective tissue naturally tightens and begins to lead to functional limitations. These limitations lead to altered mechanics of the joint and eventually joint wearing (Arthritis).  It is the one aspect of aging we can reverse; with regular stretching we can maintain flexibility.

Flexibility Exercises

Forsters stretching program has been honed over 30 years of experience with athletes ranging form 7 to 70 years old.  Discover the safest and most effective stretching techniques to help you perform better, prevent injury, improve your range of motion, and aid in your recovery from exercise.

– The safest and most effective stretches for each part of your body
– How to incorporate a safe and effective stretching routine into your active lifestyle
– The importance of stretching in developing healthy joints and muscles for life
– How stretching aids in the recovery process and helps to prevent injury
– The performance benefits of a proper stretching routine as it pertains to sport and exercise
– How stretching improves your range of motion, resulting in improved athletic performance

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