24Fit Workout Reviews and Feedback

Improving posture

“Alot of you have commented on my mums success of losing xxlbs so far this month(Eu rules dont allow us to say how much lost, but lets just say she was a regional winner of the Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge in Birmingham UK!)
Let me share with you why she has been so successful. She has never skipped her shakes, she has 3 teas a day with out fail. She plans ahead with evening meals and most of all She has continued with the herbalife dvd box set since mid October.
24 weeks of fitness, its like having your own personal trainer in your living room.
This dvd is what has contributed in her losing nearly 5 stone since xxx.
Guys, if you want something badly you will do it. So JUST DO IT!!!”

“I am near the end of week two. Today is activity day– I will mow the lawn with a ‘green’ mower (all human powered). Sunday is a rest day. My body can tell that I have worked all those small so important muscles!! I feel like my legs and abs have really gotten stronger– I can go from sitting down to standing with one leg — no problem. I am looking forward to the next 22 weeks. I will complete the program the first week of October!! ”

Week 3 of phase 3. Love it! Challenging, motivating, and straight up POWER. The first 2 phases are making phase 3 worth every minute! I know I am strong and I know my weaknesses. Work hard and press on!!! Melissa ”

“My wife and I have been doing exercise and nutrition for many years so I’m good on the diet end. I’ve worked through a few discs in Phase 1 and am thoroughly satisfied with the workouts.  They aren’t too tough for me as a beginner to this type of program, but they are tough enough so I definitely feel like I’ve gotten a great workout at the end. I love the cardio – metabolic workout.  Very fun and achievable.  Made me sore in a good way” Alec from California

“I am just finishing up Phase 1.  I’ve enjoyed it, and I feel that it’s been good for my shoulder and hip, but I don’t really have any new comments on the program yet. As I progress to Phase 2, I will be sure to provide feedback for you. Thanks for your interest!” Kristen from New York

“I’ve just finished Phase 1 & am pleased so far.  I wanted rehab style workouts that weren’t boring or required a lot of equipment & this set meets those requirements.  My left shoulder has always given me trouble but since starting the set, I’ve noticed less pain & a greater range of motion.  The only complaint I have is that by the end of Phase 1 was I was getting tired of the Metabolic 1 disc.  Next rotation, I’ll sub another cardio workout for some of the days but I wanted to do the rotation as written the first time around.” Tanya from Statesville N.C

Flexibility Exercises

“I have looked through the introduction DVD, done the stretches, and previewed the first workout, as well as read through the materials.  I am very impressed with everything and excited about beginning the program.  I am currently working with a bulging lumbar disc, so I really appreciate the emphasis on proper form and building up the supporting muscles first. Several of the exercises and stretches I have seen are ones that my physical therapist has me doing.” Terri from Bellingham WA

“I just completed the Spine and Stabilization workout. Great workout! This one would definitely strengthen the core, one of my weakest areas. Lower abs feel pleasantly sore. Instruction was very clear, nothing annoying about the instructor. She spoke of the importance of having the neck in the proper position to avoid pain. I previewed the Shoulder Stablization disc last night, this one looks good also”. Donna from New York

“I am not a beginner, but they are a great place for a beginner to start and then it does build up. I used them after an injury ( still do) the program was done by a physical therapist and in phase 1 they are working on the smaller muscles to support the larger one for the next 2 phases. I found myself growing inpatient with a 2 month in each cycle, but it makes sense if you are rehabbing an area to deconstruct and start from scratch”.
No name but from Wilmington

I really like way the rotation is structured: 30 minute workouts are perfect for my weekday schedule, and a 5 day per week structure is also ideal, because I like to do my own thing on the weekends (I always do anyway, but I love that it’s built into the “official” rotation schedule).”

“Phase 1 is “Stabilization”, fixing all the little imbalances that slow you down. It does seem to be helping my shoulder and hip that bother me periodically, and I feel taller and looser after doing each “Stability” dvd, pleasantly worked out without being fatigued. But it’s all about working the small muscle groups, not so much visible results. Phase 2 & 3 are supposed to be “strength” and “power”, so I expect they’ll be more intense and give more visible results”

Strength trainng with resistance bands.

“Phase 1 is pretty laid back. Three levels of modification are shown for most moves: beginner, intermediate, and “elite” . I think that there are a few moves where an even more beginner modification should be shown (for example, one of the dvds has even the beginner doing planks on her toes rather than on her knees), but for the most part the levels are pretty good. The Phase 1 “Metabolic” (i.e. cardio) workout is entirely low impact. “I consider myself to be a pretty solid intermediate, and I find the intermediate demonstrator to be pretty much on target for my fitness level.

“There is always a person doing beginner modifications, someone doing intermediate and someone doing advanced. I think the instructor usually does intermediate (if they’re not walking around pointing out things).”

“The start of week two phase one!! I guess I needed the rest days — I found myself wanting to workout — but I know that my body has to rest!! Glad it is Monday and time to workout!”

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